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Challenge #2 [Jul. 26th, 2004|09:00 am]
MWPP-Era Challenges


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Thanks to everyone who posted for prompt #1! You can still post stories for that prompt, but they no longer count for decorative little trinkets LOL.

This weeks prompt is:

Fairy Tales!

That's right, fairy tales. Cinderella, Snow White, etc., etc.

Your job is to somehow incorporate your favorite fairy tale, whether directly or indirectly, into the story. This means you entire plot can be based on a fairy tale, you can take a fairy tale, add your own flair/twist, and make it new. You can have your character just somehow bring up the topic of a particular fable. However you wish to accomplish it, just get that fairy tale in there!

See if you can also incorporate one or more of the following:

*A fairy Godmother
*A cheesy poem like the type that always seem to turn up in fables
*Someone/something transforming at midnight
*The phrase 'Once Upon A Time'

It seems a bit hard now, but it also sounds like a lot of fun (at least to us mods!)

So set your clocks, and write away, and lets see what sort of fairy tales we can all come up with!

Good luck!

[User Picture]From: vrendo
2004-08-12 07:21 am (UTC)
hello, I am new to this and I was wondering if this is a contest or we just post fur fun :)

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