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My Entry! [Aug. 11th, 2004|10:17 pm]
MWPP-Era Challenges


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Hello everyone, I am new to this community and I must say that I enjoyed lots writing for this challenge! Hoep you all like it!

Title: Blissful at Heart.
Rating: PG.
Pairings/Characters: James Potter/Lily Evans.
Summary: Sleeping Beauty turns real with the love story of these two wizards. Romance, magic, angst, and adventure come together in the narration of this story…

Once upon a time, long ago, in a faraway land, Ralph Evans and his wife wished for a child. At last a daughter was born, and they named her Lily.
To honor the baby princess, Ralph held a great ball. Purebloods and non, wizards with their witches- everyone flocked joyfully to the house of the privileged family.
Of all the invited ones, Evans welcomed Edgard Potter who had brought his only child with him. Both agreed that young James and Lily would be married someday.
Among the guests were three good faeries, Moraya, Theresa, and Ninoska. Each of these magic beings wished to bless the infant with a gift.
Waving her wand, Moraya chanted, "My gift shall be the gift of beauty".
"And mine", said Theresa, "shall be the gift of cleverness".
It was Ninoska’s turn to bless the baby, but just as words started coming from her mouth the room’s doors flew open.
Lighting flashed. Thunder mumbled. A tiny flame appeared and grew quickly into the form of a skinny, pale woman: a witch, Livella. Her pet, a dark-colored owl, was hanging on her left shoulder.
Livella was furious, for she had not been invited to the feast. It was time for a revenge.
"I, too, have a gift for newborn Lily", she sneered. "She shall indeed grown in beauty and cleverness, but before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel… and die!".
With a cruel laugh, the witch vanished. Everyone in the room was shocked and grief-stricken.
But Ninoska still had a gift to give, so she tried to undo Livella’s evil curse. She said in sweet and calmed words:

"Double double, toil and trouble I smell!
If through the witch’s trick
A spindle should your finger pick,
Not in death, but just in sleep
The fateful prophecy you’ll keep,
And from this slumber you shall wake
When true love’s kiss the spell shall break
We do not want death upon you,
You will be saved!".

Ralph Evans ordered that every spinning wheel in the land must be burned, but he still feared the witch’s curse. This was time for the faeries to hatch a plan. They decided to take Lily deep in the woods of the muggle world to live with them, where she would be safe from Livella’s intentions.
Ralph and his wife agreed. They watched with heavy hearts as the faeries hurried from the house carrying the baby girl.
To guard their secret, the faeries disguised themselves as muggle women and changed Lily’s name to Johanna Soulham. The years passed quietly, and Johanna grew into a beautiful woman.


At last the witch’s sixteenth birthday had arrived, and, planning a surprise, the faeries sent her out to pick some fruits.
Johanna enjoyed walking through the land since little. She loved to feel the air on her chin, just as the breeze waving her hair. While she was picking up some berries, a handsome young man came flying in his luxurious broom.. He could not resist her beauty and slowly but firmly, he stepped out his vehicle to cast a word to the woman.
"I do not intend to frighten you, but I think that we have met before".
Johanna felt very happy, as she gazed deeply into her admirer’s eyes. The young man, in disgrace, did not know that she was in front of Mrs. Lily Evans, just as the witch did not know he was James Potter.
When the lovely meeting ended, Johanna was more than hallucinating to tell everything to the faeries.
"Impossible!" they cried. They told her all her past, the truth. They ended with a firm sentence: "You come from a high family in money and blood. You can’t lower to an unknown boy!".
And now, as time to return home came, Lily was pining for her handsome stranger.
Oh, and what a disgrace that Livella’s owl had been there listening carefully to the conversation. In no time, the evil woman knew that her time for revenge was closer and closer…
Using her powerful techniques, she disguised as a common servant of the house, and while Lily was distracted watching a family portrait she cried "Imperius!".
Livella led Lily to the highest floor. There, she made her finger touch a spindle, producing the poor child a sudden death.
The faeries rushed to their baby’s rescue but when they arrived it was too late, the witch had vanished and Lily was on the floor.
"For Merlin’s beard! Her father and mother will die in shock when they find out what has happened!".
"They do not have to know. We will put them all to sleep until the princess awakens". So the three faeries flew back and forth, casting a dreamlike spell over everyone in the castle.
The next step was telling everything to James. He soon grabbed his wand and sword and began journey to duel against dark Livella.
When the pale woman found out that the Potter boy was standing in her way, she said in cold words “Do you find this wise, boy?”.
And a facial expression from James was enough to give the duel a start.
And screams were heard.
"Avada Ked-".’
And a higher scream echoed in the air. Wise James had managed to bury his sword deeply into Levilla’s chest. It was over. Levilla was no more than history and past.
James raced to the floor where his love lay sleeping. Gently, he kissed her. Lily’s eyes slowly opened. She was awake!
And everyone awoke, too. Mrs. Evans’parents were proud and happy to see their daughter again and wedding plans were soon made.
The good faeries were blissful, too. It had all ended just the way it should- happily ever after.

Finito Incantatem.



From: noticeably
2004-08-13 06:42 am (UTC)
I liked that, it was very creative...I'm trying to write Cinderella...and it's not working...

Erm *cough* anyway, very nice, I enjoyed it a lot. XD
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[User Picture]From: vrendo
2004-08-13 06:54 am (UTC)
Hahaha thank you! When I checked the story I found it really and extremely weird o.O but oh well... lol.
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