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Challenge #3 [Nov. 26th, 2004|10:53 pm]
MWPP-Era Challenges


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After sorting some things out and neglecting this community for awhile, zomg_its_stace and myself have decided to resume posting challenges, provided any of you still hold an interest in writing stories here!

This weeks prompt is:

Caught in the rain.

It can be any pairing, or any number of characters, as long they're from the Marauders Era, and as long as they're caught in the rain. It doesn't matter if they're out for a stroll and a summer sprinkle starts up, or they're caught in a battle in the middle of a storm. Just make sure you work that rain in there.

Remember, you have thirty minutes, so start writing!

Also, if your bored and just looking around the community, leave comments on your favorite stories, encourage each other! Everyone loves compliments!