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Challenge #3 - Caught In The Rain [Nov. 26th, 2004|08:48 pm]
MWPP-Era Challenges


Title: Untitled
Rating: PG (language)
Time: 34 minutes
Wordcount: 650
Pairings/Characters: James. Just James.
Summary: James has a tough decision to make.

Jamie pulled his heavy woolen coat around him tighter, trying to ward off the winter chill. Christmas was right around the corner and snow flurries were popping up now and then as he walked the deserted streets of late-night London. But he couldn’t go home to the flat he shared with Sirius. Not yet. Not after last night.

He sighed and pulled a hand through his messy mop of jet black hair, accidentally knocking his glasses askew. He straightened them and turned his face skyward, sighing. Last night had been... wonderful really. Just him and Sirius and a bottle of Black Magic 151, some music playing on the wireless in the background. They’d talked and laughed, catching up on the current happenings in each other’s lives as James had been in France, on an assignment for the Order for almost a month.

The night progressed and they had gotten more and more drunk, finish off the first, then a second bottle of the liquor before it had happened. James had stood, intending on going into the kitchen to get yet another bottle of alcohol, and had promptly fallen over, taking the coffee table with him. Sirius had laughed, of course, but so had James. “Come on, you lush,” his friend had said, offering a hand. “Stop being such a pussy wussy and just stand the fuck up.”

“Fuck you,”James had responded, giggling drunkenly as he took the offered hand and tried to stand. “I can do this perfectly fine on my own.”

James pulled hard trying to right himself, but instead of standing, he pulled Sirius down to the floor to join him, the young man landing on top of him. It only mad James laugh even harder, his eyes closing. “Or not.”

When James opened his eyes a moment or so later, Sirius was still lying on top of him, staring intently into his face. Slowly, the giggles faded and James returned the stare, biting his lower lip. “Siri... What are you thinking?” he asked, reverting to childhood nicknames.

“I’m thinking about how much I want to kiss you,” Sirius had responded, licking his lips. “Can I, Jamie? Can I kiss you? Please?”

James wasn’t sure what had made him nod his head and whisper, “Yes,” but that’s what he done and, just as his heart started thudding painfully in his chest, Sirius’s lips had met his and he was lost.

He wasn’t exactly sure how long they’d lain on the floor, touching and kissing and exploring, and he wasn’t sure exactly how or when they’d moved to Sirius’s bedroom. All he knew was he’d woken up in the morning with a splitting headache, curled against Sirius’s side and feeling as if he’d finally come home after a long weary journey. That warm and loved feeling was what scared him the most about what had happened between him and his best friend. If Sirius was the only person he’d ever been with who made him feel that way... what did it say about him? What did it mean for his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Lily, or the child she’d told him they were expecting?

James sighed heavily, ducking his head against the wind as he kept walking through the dark, empty streets, just mulling things over, thinking about what he should do and who he should do it with when the rain started. First it was a mist, then a drizzle, not that James noticed. He was so caught up in his thoughts of Lily and Sirius and those wonderful, soft caresses of the night before that it was pouring down upon him in sheets before he realized it was raining.

He stopped walking and sighed once more, turning his face up to let it be washed clean in the rain, hoping that it would, some how, help him decide with the hell he was going to do.

[User Picture]From: writerofictions
2004-11-27 04:57 am (UTC)
*SQUEE* YAY! I love it! *applauds* Poor Jamie. *hugs him*
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