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{Marauders Era Fic Challenges}

Marauders Era. One Prompt. Thirty Minutes.

MWPP-Era Challenges
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Hullo, and welcome to Marauders Era Fic Challenges!

Once a week, the moderators will post a new challenge, whether it be a word, a set of song lyrics, or just some crazy idea that comes to us in the middle of the night. Once the we've choosen the prompt, it's up to you to write the fic!

Once the prompt is posted, you may begin writing. Remember, you only have thirty minutes, so pace yourself! You may write about any character, in any setting, as long as it includes the specifics indicated in the prompt, and is set during the Marauders Era.

All fics must be set in the Marauders Era, no exceptions. However this does not necessarily limit you just characters from the Marauders Era. Keep that in mind while you're writing, and lets see how creative you can be.

When thirty minutes is up (and we leave it up to you to be honest about the time. We're trusting you to tell the truth), post your fic in the community, so we can see what you've come up with!

All fics must go behind an LJ-Cut, because of space. Please include the following criteria in your post:

Summary: (this one isn't mandatory)
Author's Notes: (again, not mandatory)

Followed by your LJ-Cut.

Keep in mind that all genres are welcome. Het/Slash/Blackcest, and another pairing/genre you can think up.

Comments are welcomed on all posts. If you don't wish for people to comment on your work, then you shouldn't participate in the challenges. But please, when commenting, offer constructive criticism only. Anyone caught flaming, will be removed immediately by one of the mods.

If you want to write a fic based on a challenge, after the challenge has passed, you're more then welcome to do so. If you're planning on posting a fic based one of our challenges else where, please give us credit somewhere for the prompt. That's all we're asking of you. Truly. It is.

Questions? Suggestions for a challenge? Email me.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling, as are all characters you will see in this community, unless otherwise stated. We are a non-profit group, no money is being made here from the ideas of Mrs. Rowling.

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If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to IM Sammah (pilotkelson) on AIM [so effing sirius] or email her at sammah@gmail.com

This community is moderated by pilotkelson and zomg_its_stace